Conference Introduction

In 2018, the China “Belt and Road” initiative will move from concept to action, from vision to reality. Xiamen, as an important hub city for the “Belt and Road” initiative, will be the first city to hold a large-scale “Belt and Road” conference.

The “Belt and Road” Innovation Conference will be held in Xiamen, Fujian Province from May 11, 2018 to May 13, 2018. The conference will include Belt & Road Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dialogue, 2018 INNO Innovator Conference, start-up roadshow competitions, large-scale innovation and entrepreneurship exhibitions, and private sessions related to artificial intelligence, intelligent networking, block-chain, consumption upgrade, enterprise services, creative culture entertainment, and other fields. Members from 30 countries and regions situated along the Silk Road Belt will be attending, including 300 excellent start-up projects, 60 first-tier investment institutions, 100 prominent foreign and domestic guests, and 20 excellent keynote speakers.

Global leaders in innovation, outstanding venture capital investors, and successful entrepreneurs will come together at this conference. From May 11th to 13th, the “Belt and Road” Innovation Conference will help connect the world, through China.


Main Forums


Investment Institution


Countries and Regions


International Project Roadshow




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Main Venue Agenda

Time Content
09:00—09:30 Check-in Outside exhibition
09:30—12:00 Belt & Road Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dialogue Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition
12:00—13:30 Luncheon
14:00—17:30 Belt & Road Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dialogue Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition VC Meetup Private Session
19:00—20:30 Welcome Dinner Party

Belt & Road Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dialogue

Time Module Content
09:30-09:35 Opening by the Host
09:35-09:40 Opening Ceremony Leader's Speech
09:40-09:50 Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Launching Ceremony
09:50-09:55 Leader's Speech
09:55-10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:00-10:20 Belt & Road Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dialogue Keynote Speech 1: Belt and Road, IP is King
10:20-10:40 Keynote Speech 2: Offshore Innovation and Exploring Entrepreneurship on the Belt and Road
10:40-11:20 Panel 1:Win-win Cooperation of Belt and Road Cities
11:20-12:00 Panel 2:Chinese Youth Angel Association Belt and Road Investment Discussion
12:00-13:30 Luncheon
14:00-14:20 Belt & Road Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dialogue Keynote Speech 3:Sail away with the wind and waves
14:20-14:40 Keynote Speech 4:Ali's Observations and Analyses in Israel's Science and Technology Field
14:40-15:00 Keynote Speech 5:International Operation of the Meitu Product
15:00-15:40 Panel 3:Belt and Road Accelerator Ecosystem
15:40-16:00 Keynote Speech 6:Graffiti intelligence, "Three ones" to create a global intelligent business accelerator
16:00-16:20 Keynote Speech 7:The latest applications of blockchain, insights into bottlenecks and opportunities
16:20-17:00 Panel 4: Internet Celebrity Entrepreneurship in China
19:00—20:30 Welcome Party

Branch Venue Agenda


Time Content
10:00-17:00 Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition
14:00-17:00 Investor Private Session
19:00-21:00 Party


Time Content
14:00-18:00 Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition
12:00-14:00 Luncheon
10:00-18:00 Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition


Time Content
09:00—10:00 Industrial Park Visit
10:00—12:00 Emerging Industries Project Matchmaking Meeting
12:00—13:30 Luncheon

VC Meetup

Schedule:May 11th - 12th 10:00-16:30

Introduction:“VC Meetup” is an event beloved by both startup founders and investors. 80 investment institutions. 10 minutes. Each founder selects 3 investors to whom they will pitch their project. If they can impress the investor, they’re on their way to becoming a unicorn project!

Register Invited institutions shown below
  • a

    Each round between founder and investor lasts 10 minutes. Founders can choose up to three investors to pitch.

  • b

    Founders must register in advance for this event, and prepare information or demonstration of their product. Presentation equipment will not be available.

  • c

    Appointments with investors will be made on the day of the event. Please arrive on time to secure your spot. If you are not present when your number is called, your spot will only remain for half a day.

  • d

    Project must provide business plan and investors must provide information (fund introduction, investor contact information), and pass verification in order to participate. Applications may be sent to: Please write “VC Meetup” in the subject line.

Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition

Qualifiers: May 11th 10AM-May 12th 12AM Final: May 12th, 14:00-18:00. PM

Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition is not only one of the important part of this conference but also a crucial channel to choose startup projects to join the “B&R Startup Accelerator”. The top 15 of the roadshow competition will be accepted directly into the “B&R Startup Accelerator” and acquire four-month-long accelerator service.

Invited institutions shown below

Registration Instructions: Applications may be sent to: Please write “Belt and Road Startup Accelerator Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition” in the subject line.

  • INNO Angel Artificial intelligence, Consumption upgrade, Culture entertainment, Enterprise services, Internet Finance
  • Power Cloud Venture Capital: Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Large-scale Health
  • Future Capital Artificial intelligence, Big data, Industry 4.0, Service, Medicinel, Education, Hardware and Enterprise Services
  • SBCVC Technology, Environmental protection, Medicine
  • ZhenFund Artificial intelligence, Enterprise service, Medical health, Culture entertainment and sports, E-commerce, Consumption upgrade, Education.
  • Kinzon Capital TMT field
  • Lenovo Capital Cloud computing, Big data, Artificial intelligence, Intelligent equipment, IoT, Robotics
  • Joy Capital TMT and Consumption innovation fields
  • SAIF Partners Fund Consumption products, Services, Media, Financial services, etc
  • Linear Venture Pan-intelligence, Big data fields,etc.
  • UNITY VENTURES Internet, mobile Internet, e-commerce, etc
  • IDG Internet and high-tech, New consumption and service, Medical health, Industrial technology, Cultural tourism
  • Plum Ventures Internet, Mobile Internet, Modern service, New media, Cultural creativity, Electronic semiconductors, Games, etc.
  • Sequoia Capital China Technology/media, Medical health, Consumption goods/Services, Industrial technology, etc.
  • Shenzhen Capital TMT, Consumption upgrade, Biomedicine, Energy conservation and environmental protection, etc
  • WI Harper Group Internet, Wireless value-added(WVA), Semiconductor, Digital media, Medical health, Clean technology and New material fields, etc
  • Fortune Capital TMT, Consumption service, Health care, Intelligent manufacturing, etc
  • Longling Capital Internet, TMT
  • A&Z Capital TMT new entertainment, New consumption field
  • Kingdom Capital Energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing, semiconductor, consumption upgrade, etc.
  • Xiamen Venture Capital Integrated circuit, software information, biomedicine, modern service industry, cultural creativity, etc.
  • Huaben Capital Electronic information, new energy, medical industry, etc
  • Qicheng Capital TMT, large-scale consumption, medical health, etc
  • Jubilee Capital Artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of things, etc.
  • Boxin Capital Consumption upgrade, Internet
  • Fantax VC High-tech, cultural education, intelligent hardware, mobile Internet

Distinguished Guests

  • Zhu Li

    Founder of InnoAngel Fund

  • WenSheng Cai

    Chairman of MeituPic
    Chairman of Longling Capital

  • Yin Zhe

    Noah (China) Holding Company Limited Founding Partner

  • Zhengdong Ni

    ZERO2IPO Group Founder

  • Hongjia Gong

    2017 China Angel Investor
    Famous tech entrepreneur

  • ShiChun Wu

    Founding Partner of PLUM Ventures Capital Investment

  • Asics Yao

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Shiping Cui

    Macau SAR legislator and chairman of macau youth entrepreneurship incubator center

  • Weihao Tan

    Chairman of HKBAN
    Founding Partner of INNO Angel fund

  • ShouBin Yang

    Founding Partner of Fenghou Capital and Founder of Chunguangli

  • LiXia Zhou

    Chairman of JHF Investment

  • He Xue

    Chairman of Xiamen Venture Capital company

  • Erhai Liu

    Joy Capital Co-Founder

  • Da Teng

    Chairman of Meiya Pico

  • Qi Hu

    Chairman of Software Industry Investment

  • Lijie Wang

    Founding Partner of PreAngel Ventures Capital Investment

  • Howard Tong

    The Director of IESingapore CHN Department


    Technology Park Malaysia Corporation
    General Manager

  • Chak Kwong Au

    Councillor and Acting Mayor of Richmond, Canada.

  • Stephen Wang

    Co-founder of Rottentomatoes and Alivenotdead

  • YiSheng Yan

    Partner of IDG

  • Sen Lin

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Yongqiang Deng

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Xiaocheng Zhu

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Huaiyu Liu

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Xiangyi Jia

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Sheng Wang

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Xuemei Wang

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Xiaoli Li

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Lijun Fu

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Tao Li

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Jun Li

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Ganzhi Wang

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Jiayao Zheng

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Xi liu

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Yi Xiao

    Founding Partner of InnoAngel Fund

  • Quan Zhou

    Executive Director of InnoAngel Fund

  • Gang Zheng

    Purplesky Co-Founder

  • Wei Cai

    Director of Innovation Investment, Alibaba

  • Kuan Chen

    InferVision Founder

  • Guangdong Yu

    Alphax Partners Co-Founder

  • Weifeng Zheng

    Powervision Tech CEO

  • Zhaode Zhang

    iDriverPlus CEO

  • Junfeng Xu

    Futures CEO

  • Xi Cao

    Sequoia Capital Managing Director

  • Yifeng Xie

    Fantax VC Chairman

  • Carman Chan

    Click Ventures Founding and Managing Partner

  • Peihua Huang

    Qiming Venture Partners

  • Wei Wang

    KeLaiLe CEO

  • Dongxu Jiang

    RegentSoft CEO

  • LiaoHan Chen

    Tuya CEO

  • Yang Shen

    Vdong CEO

  • Wei Qi

    Microfun CEO

  • Zheng Xu

    Outingman CEO

  • Bin Xu

    Kuhei Tech Founder

  • Zhiqin Chen

    Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Hai Xi Equity Investment Center

  • Raffi Kamalian

    -Collab Asia-Ph.D

  • ShunChang Qiao

    Partner of Lebox Capital

  • Hao Qiu

    Lotus Capital Founding Partner

  • Jun Xiong

    Airdroid CEO

  • Fox Lui

    Head of International Business Of MeituPic

  • Terry Ong

    founder of BizAngel,

  • Yani

    Asian Entrepreneurship Advisor

  • Raz Galor

    “Foreigners Research Associations" Founder

  • Yamashita Tomohiro

    Weibo Celebrity

  • Daniel Mathieu

    Blockchain Investor

  • Bo Chen

    Freshcg Founder

  • Rong Chen

    Elastos Founder

  • Hanzhong Jiang

    Instreet Founder

  • Xujun Lv

    Wanglu Tech Founder

  • Xiaolu Wang

    Mydream+ Founder

  • Noa's Mark

    Founder and CEO of Taiwan Israel Chamber of Commerce

  • Yilin Lin

    XIAMEN Star Host

  • Victor Zhuo

    Vancouver Directors Alliance COO

  • Ni Li

    Wanglu Tech Vice President

  • Zhe Feng

    Founder of Xtrail

  • Bing Yan

    Founder of LinkedSee (Shanghai)

  • Xiangdao Wang

    MoSeeker CEO

  • Patrick

    Weibo Celebrity

  • Pinky

    Weibo Celebrity

  • Shuo Di

    Arxan Chain CTO

  • Oscar Ramos


  • Zhenzhong Tang

    Founder of Onesell


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Ticket Type Belt & Road Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Dialogue
Give Me Five2018
INNO Innovator Conference
Belt and Road Startup Accelerator
Innovative Entrepreneurship
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Vertical Forum
Industrial Park Visit VC Meetup
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Conference Guide

About the Conference

1. How to sign in with conference ticket? Can it be refunded or replaced?

A entrance QR code will be generated with successful ticket purchase. You will be able to sign in with the QR code or the phone number used in your purchase order. Please keep your ticket information safe. Tickets cannot be refunded after purchase. Please arrange your participation time accordingly.

2. Is it possible to buy a ticket on the day of the event?

The ticket purchase window will be available at the venue, but ticket surpluses cannot be guaranteed.

3. Is there a team registration channel?

For team channel tickets please call the conference team. Contact information: Ling 15260246017

4. Can I participate in events not listed on the ticket?

Tickets are required for all modules in the venue. If you do not purchase the corresponding tickets, you will not be able to participate in the corresponding modules.

About Featured Activities

1. What’s Venture 1 on 1?

Venture 1 on 1 provides multiple 10-minute rounds for entrepreneurs and investors to communicate with each other. Entrepreneurs can introduce their projects to impress investors and seek further cooperation.

2. How to participate in the afterparty on May 11th?

Afterparty participants must be invited, except for a small quota available through ticket purchase.

3. How to participate in the open roadshow?

Projects must apply through the website registration channel. After completing the application materials, the application will be approved by the main committee. Projects must receive notification of confirmation in order to participate.

Hotel Recommendations

Xiamen WANDA REALM Hotel Contact:0592-6123333

8.6 kilometers away from venue, 16 minutes drive away.

Xiamen Royal Seaside Resort Hotel Contact: 0592-6686399

5.5 kilometers away from venue, 10 minutes drive away.

Xiamen Ri Dong Garden Hotel Contact: 0592-6218888

4.8 kilometers away from venue, 12 minutes drive away.

Xiamen Acfut Hotel Contact:0592-6198888

5.4 kilometers away from venue, 10 minutes drive away.

Xiamen Diamonds Hotel Contact:0592-6217879

7.5 kilometers away from venue, 15 minutes drive away.

Xiamen Jinjiang Inn(Jimei University) Contact:0592-3385888

6.1 kilometers away from venue, 13 minutes drive away.

About Booth

1. How to apply for a booth?

You can purchase directly through registration channels or call: Richard Yu13305006373

2. Are there any additional tickets for exhibitors to purchase?Is there a limit on the number of exhibitor team members?

Exhibitors enjoy benefits according to their ticket type. No additional tickets are required to receive exhibitor benefits. Please read the exhibitor benefits carefully.

About the Investment Institutions

1. How can Investment Institutions attend Venture 1 on 1?

After reading the requirements of “Venture 1 on 1” investment institutions must submit complete application information in order to become an investor.

2. How to contact a roadshow project you are interested in?

Remember the number or road show theme, contact the staff, and we will help you get the contact information.

Food Recommendation

Mei Sui Tian Di/ Jia Geng Ti Yu Guan

5.8 kilometers away from venue, 11 minutes’ drive away.

Jimei Wanda business circle

7.6 kilometers away from venue, 15 minutes’ drive away.

Transportation guide

XiaMen Railway Station,

21 kilometers drive away(31mins)

XiaMen Railway North Station,

8.5 kilometers drive away(16mins)

T3 terminal of XiaMen Gaoqi airport,

13.6 kilometers drive away(19mins)

T4 terminal of XiaMen Gaoqi airport,

15 kilometers drive away(22mins)

Tips:Xiamen xinglin bay operation center underground parking lot, ¥10; Xiamen Jimei district citizen square parking lot, ¥ 15 .

Surrounding Station

Xinglin bay operation center Station: 645 meters walk away, about 15 minutes.

Public square station: 729 meters walk away, about 16 minutes.

Metro line NO.1 GuanRen station: 320 meters walk away, about 8 minutes.


Tan KahKee Arts Centre , 368 Xinglin Bay,Civic Square,Jimei District ,Xiamen

Experience the ancient Silk Road belt in a contemporary way
at the “Belt and Road” innovation conference.

INNO Angel Fund was established in April, 2013/ Investment Management Team with over 10 years of experience Invested in 200+ Entrepreneurship Programs / Managing 2 Billion RMB Angel Fund

ATWORK was established in May 2015 / Managing 200 million seed Angel Fund / Cover Xiamen 6 office spaces /1000+ outstanding practitioners / resident team / One billion + RMB valuation /20000+ innovation entrepreneurs discuss and explore their future at here /700+ activities

Technological innovation is a key theme in our rapidly-changing world, and communication is the only way to develop a better environment for innovation. In ancient times, the Silk Road promoted international trade. In modern times, the constant connection of the Internet does the same for cutting-edge technology.

The “Belt and Road” innovation conference will follow the path of the “Belt and Road”, as it brings together outstanding projects and resources from around the world, in order to create a new ecological system of innovation.

  • Sponsor

    2018 “Innovation China” Acticity Committee


    Xiamen Venture and Capital Association Xiamen Software Industry Investment Development Co Xiamen Wanshun Cultural Industry Investment Development Company, Ltd. Xiamen Poly Theatre Management Co. Ltd
  • Sponsors

    Xiamen Development and Reform Commission Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Association Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xiamen Committee Xiamen Torch High-Tech Industrial Development Zone People's Government of JIMEI XIAMEN People's Government of HULI XIAMEN
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    ATWORK Innovation Angel Funds INNO Innovation Space

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